GI Lockers

When it comes to lockers, it’s personal.

Designed with understated style. As Eames said: “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

Office Lockers - Retro


Gi Lockers will work in both traditional and creative office environments providing personal storage, privacy and space division within the workplace.

Designed with a modern-day interpretation of vintage industrial style, we have created a piece that is both sleek and rough around the edges at the same time.

Gi Lockers are available 4 different colours in blocks of 6, 8 or 10. They are manufactured in the UK and are 98% recyclable.


October 2017

The office is an expression of a company’s identity. Its design influences the mindset and behaviour of employees, increasing or diminishing their motivation and, as related consequence, their productivity.

- Vitra 



We’ve partnered with the Lockerbox Company to provide you with all the necessary accessories to accompany your lockers!



The LOCKERBOX one is a bespoke utility box that will enable you to keep your desktop items together during use, and to transport them safely to your locker at the end of the day. The LOCKERBOX one is made to fit a Gi Locker, and can be used in conjunction with our N-ZED or B-ZED organiser for maximum use of your space. It comes branded with your Company logo, or can be printed full coverage.


The LOCKERBOX eco is a portable storage unit that is ideal for agile employees who work at ‘hot desks’. The LOCKERBOX eco is designed to store essential items used by office workers and is readily and effortlessly moved from locker to hot desk to provide flexibility that is essential for agile workers. Made from a robust card, the LOCKERBOX eco is fully recyclable.


The B-Zed organiser has been designed to create and manage space within our Gi Lockers. The B-Zed brings you 4 storage compartments from 1, allowing you to separate your work and personal items, making better use of your space. The easy to access storage spaces will make you feel organised and will help you stay productive within the workplace. The B-Zed is made from 100% corrugated board and is fully recyclable.